Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Homemade Air Purifier

Ataya : The situation of PM2.5 is getting worse in North and Center parts of Thailand. So, I decided to make my own air purifier machine. Let's see ...

The mountains were gone !!

I using water plastic bottle, mini 5v DC-fan, tissue paper as filter. By made hole at the middle of the bottle. Put wet tissue paper inside bottle and place mini fan on top of it.

Using solar power to purify the air
for my DIY Solar charging kit :

Add tissue paper as filter and filled water in the bottom

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Blood Pressure Experiment : Thai Herbal Sauna

Ataya P : It getting cooler recently, that's make my blood pressure getting higher. So, I try using old style Thai herbal sauna to reduce my blood pressure. Let's see the result...

My old school sauna tent using rice cooker machine.

Before go inside sauna tent (142/92 mmHg)

After got sauna for about 20 minute ( 137 /91 mmHg)

As result ,  Getting sauna made my SYS blood pressure reduce from 142 to 137 mmHg(-5 mmHg) and DIA reduce from 92 to 91 ( -1 mmHg)

I can say that Thai herbal sauna has some effect on my blood pressure. You may try it yourself :)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Blood Pressure Experiment : Watermelon

Ataya P : Some researches said that watermelon can reduce your blood pressure. So, I tried it myself to find out that is true or not ?

I ate 3 pieces of these watermelons
Before eating watermelon (136/93 mmHg)

After ate watermelon about 1 hour (137/91 mmHg)

As result, My blood pressure SYS value increased from 136 to 137 mmHg (+1 mmHg) and DIA value decreased from 93 to 91 mmHg (-2 mmHg)

It seems that eating watermelon doesn't effect to my blood pressure that much.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Blood Pressure Experiment : Green Tea

Ataya P : Here comes my favourite drink, Green Tea !!  I did an experiment that how green tea takes effect on my blood pressure. Let's see the result ...

1 Cup of Matcha green tea. (1 tea spoon of green tea powder)

Before drinking green tea (137/69 mmHg)

After drank green tea for about 1 hour (129/83 mmHg)

As result, My blood pressure SYS value reduced from 137 to 120 mmHg (-17 mmHg) and DIA value increased from 69 to 83 mmHg (+14 mmHg) So, Green tea has some effect on my blood pressure. Especially with SYS value.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Blood Pressure Experiment : Milk

Ataya P : Did you that today(June 1) is World Milk Day. So, I tried experiment on milk that may effect my blood pressure. Let's see ...

I drank 1 cup of non-fat cow milk and wait for about 1 hour.

My blood pressure before drinking milk (125/80 mmHg)

My blood pressure after drank milk for about 1 hour (124/84 mmHg)

As result, My blood pressure SYS value reduce from 125 to 124 mmHg (-1 mmHg) but my DIA value increased from 80 to 84 mmHg (+4 mmHg). So, It seems that drinking milk doesn't effect my blood pressure that much. It' still healthy drink anyway ...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Homemade Biodiesel Oil

Ataya P :  This is my experiment on how to make biodiesel oil from used vegetable oild. Let's see

1. Already filtered used vegetable oil.
2. Methanol 
3. Lye or sodium hydroxide
4. Thermometer
5. 2-3 plastic bottles. 

1. Heat up used oil for let water evaporate away.  Then wait until the oil's temperature down to 50-60 Celsius

2. Mixing warm oil with Methanol (Methanal 1 : 4 oil) and add Lye for about 1-2 tea spoons. After that close the bottle cap and shake it well for about 20 minutes. (Warning !!  It will has gas while you shake the bottle. So, you have to open the bottle cap for every 2-3 minutes to release the gas out)

 3. Place the bottle for a night then you can see the layer of  biodiesel oil on top and glycerin in the bottom. 

4. Separate only the biodiesel oil out and wash it with water by add water into biodisel , shake it softly and wait until water and oil separate into 2 layers then get only biodiesel out.(water will clean fat and leftover glycerin out) Repeat the process until the water was not muddy. Finally put the oil under the sun light to make the water evaporate out of the oil then you have pure Biodiesel !! 


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blood Pressure Experiment : Ginger Drink

Ataya P :  Testing drinking ginger drink and see how it takes effect on my blood pressure. For detail, I wait until my blood pressure was stable and drink a glass of ginger drink. Then I just sitting and doing almost nothing for about 30 minutes. Let's see the result ...

Instant ginger drink

Before the drink

After drank for about 30 minutes

For result, Ginger drink may effected lower my blood pressure. For SYS value decreased to 135 from 137 mmHg (-2 mmHg) and DIA value decreased to 81 from 86 (-5 mmHg)